Wednesday, July 06, 2005

These blasted anarchists

The moonbats appear to be a couple of CS gas cannisters short of the full riot and have no grasp of human nature, irony, logic or acceptable standards of decency and hygiene. But your docile and warm-hearted Pedant-General was prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt. Bless the little darlings.

A peaceful protester enjoining us to create a happy sharing community of equals

Let's have a look at some other reactions to the G8 protests:

Mr Seat has plenty of good roundups.

David Farrer has plenty of delightful photographs.

This gentleman has to deal with the detritus after it has been arrested.

And here's a nice one. The author has encountered a "wee man" in the road, bleeding profusely from the head. If the anarchists had their way, how would he be helped?

One of the commenters hits the nail on the head:
"I can't imagine many 'autonomous ambulances' driving around, and I've yet to meet an anarchist (Medical) Doctor."

This chap is a visiting American. Probably a Democrat as well. He seems to have got the measure of things though:
The anarchists were in disarray, with most of the girls screaming, and most of the men assiduously not helping them.

But let us not judge too harshly without seeing what they are up to and hearing from the moonbats themselves. How about this? Skip through to about 23 secs in to see a masked, black-clad thug set about a parked car with a crowbar and gay abandon. Ask yourself, how many starving children in Africa will that particular action save?

Here is Gill Hubbard from "G8 Alternatives":
"The people of Scotland are on our side."
Do you know, I am so pleased to have you here, defending our democratic right to have unemployed middle-class swampy loser-types wandering about the quiet and blameless villages of this country smashing up cars at random. [/sarcasm]

As I'm sure you have chanted many times, Ms Hubbard: NOT IN MY NAME!

But let us return to our visiting American. What does he have to say about the sound thumping delivered so diligently to the anarchists on our behalf?
"It was a fearsome sight, seeing the lines clash. The outcome was never in doubt: some of the kids were trampled, some thrown bodily back a surprising distance, some fled in pure fear. All deserved it."

They really truly do.

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