Sunday, February 05, 2006

Blimmin Blogger

Blogger has been on the Blink.

I have lost some updates to posts and I suspect you will have had difficulty commenting.

Apologies. (But blame Blogger: restricting our freedom of speech - bastards)

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Lord Pasternack said...

How long has blogger been on the blink for?

Do you think Google have been perhaps extending their new censorship habit?

I just read this, this, and this article on the subject. Tres interessant.

I said earlier, of the loons protesting - that one might either say that they were precisely the reason why we ought not to have published those pesky cartoons (indeed all this is in response to them) - or it is precisely the reason why we should have - To voice loud and clear that fundamentalist Islam is a threat to us (though perhaps it could have been done with a little more tact).

I'm scared it'll lead to a wee bitta rioting, actually. Between Islamists (who now know for sure that the West truly are bastards) and equally ignorant BNP supporters (who now know for sure that Muslims truly are bastards). And innocent Muslims and Westerners will also suffer at the hands of either side.

I expect either side will be filling up with new recruits. Lord save us.

I only hope that they wear each other down and fade away. That Islamists assassinate the far-right, and vice-versa. The planet could do without both species of scum.