Thursday, May 04, 2006

Better Dog Biscuits through Blogrolling (And Others)

Your arrogant and dismissive Pedant-General is aware that few of his readers have IQs greater than their shoe sizes. He knows this because otherwise they wouldn't be reading this nonsense. This post is therefore something of a Public Service Announcement: Your up-to-the-minute Pedant-General, forged as he is in the "white heat of technology", has managed to get those nice people at bloglines to keep his sidebar blog links up to scratch automatically. Hurrah!

Along with some desperately overdue linking [nods in the general direction of the inimitable ninme], there are some little gems that might require to be brought to your general attention.

Tim Worstall gets frightfully hot under the collar about the gender pay gap (or lack of it as the case might be). He might have something to add to this. I have added a link to Scott Adam's Dilbert Blog for a number of perfectly exemplary reasons:
  1. He posts regularly
  2. He writes fluently
  3. He is fabulously politically incorrect
  4. He goads people mercilessly to make fools on themselves in the comments threads.
  5. There are some cracking stories/urban myths in the comment threads
In short, it is a proper blog. FYI, BOCTAOE means "But Of Course There Are Obvious Exceptions". It is a "feature" of that blog that commenters attempt to use specific examples to counter assertions of population averages, hence the need to remind everyone that that tactic cuts no ice. Still, it is fun to see the morons try.

Gaah! New Technology Baffles Pissed Old Hack.
Your incompetent and technophobic Pedant-General takes the view that the Blogger interface is frankly appalling. This is, indeed, the whole point of this post and the move to a bloglines blogroll. It will come as no surprise to you that I have resorted to posting via email. Except when you are a biff (for my Scots readers, read "numpty") and hit "send" instead of "save draft". Drat.

So, to the topic at hand: I admit that the "dog biscuits" link to Scott Adams is at best tenuous, but there is no such problem with this. The canine author seems to have undergone some kind of Buddhist reincarnation, having been a bear in a previous life. I am mindful of Churchill's quote to the effect that
"Dogs look up to us"
but in this instance, I am afraid that this particular dog appears to be looking down on me. I may be the exception that proves WSC's rule however: I am listed under
"Buried Treasure".
Truly an accolade from a dog.


Steve said...

You've linked back at last, you miserable old sod!

Thersites said...

"Your arrogant and dismissive Pedant-General is aware that few of his readers have IQs greater than their shoe sizes."

Oi! I can get this kind of abuse at home for free!

dearieme said...

Yes, folks, the Opinion Plaguester is back: see above.

Woof! said...

You're a gent Mr P-G sir.

A Buddist dog, now there's a thought. Though I rather suspect it's one that will be quickly dismissed by the labs that share Woof's doghouse.

dearieme said...

thersites: it wasn't that cruel. He was probably thinking of continental shoe sizes.