Friday, May 26, 2006

It's all Indefatigathingummy's fault

Following on from this, I ought to give a jolly wave to, if not toss vigorously the Marching Bands in the direction of, Indefatigathingummy.

The least I can do in recompense is to take up his meme:
I am the law. At least as regards the Splitting of Infinitives.
I want for remarkably little
I wish those tosspot Parking Attendants that lurk around the Music School on Saturday morning to nail people dropping off and picking up their kids would just sod off: this is pure gouging and has nothing to do with traffic flow: it's a f*cking cul-de-sac.
I hate those tosspot Parking Attendants that lurk around the Music School on Saturday morning to nail people dropping off and picking up their kids
I love my wife, my children and logic problems.
I miss
skiing holidays.
I fear
that we won't realise just how much liberty we have lost until it is far, far too late and that a Conservative government will not have the guts to put things right.
I hear
that Raymond has been drinking heavily again.
I wonder what this button does
I regret

  • not having got (or got for myself) a good grounding in Philosophy when at school, when I had both the time to read and access to the material (and teachers),
  • not having learnt to play a musical instrument as a child
I am not really that fierce in "real life" and don't really advocate the death penalty (Seuaaeuuameuaus notwithstanding - he badly needs his neck stretching )
I dance:
  • Scottish Reels with no persuasion needed, alacrity, gusto and style
  • everything else under duress
I sing far too loud, far too often and flaaaaaaaaaaaat.....
I cry when listening to certain unbearably beautiful passages of music, particularly this, this and this (and particularly "To Love Is to Bury" on that album).
I am not always
so jolly and talkative
I make with my hands excellent paper aeroplanes
I write
rather elegantly, even if I say so myself.
I confuse more or less everyone I meet.
I need
300 kilos of white mice! No time to explain! Seriously, if that's what it takes to keep material of this standard flowing, it is a very small price to pay.
I should:
  • organise my bank statements,
  • buy a gun cabinet,
  • re-write our wills,
  • work out how the hell we are going to pay for school fees or (failing that) give the boys the education that they deserve/need to allow them to be everything that I know they can be,
  • sort out the staggeringly large pile of boxes in the study.
  • pay a bit more into my pension
I start too fast, then fall apart after a couple of miles.
I finish very few of the things I start. Apart from su doku.


Indefatigathingummy said...

It's very kind of you to give me the credit for this meme, but really, I'm just a vessel. I got it from that bloke Norman Geras. He got it from some Yanks, I think. Anyhoo

The Pedant-General in Ordinary said...

Consider the compliment returned: you gave me the credit for my Seuaueameuas Milne fisk, when it was really just a gratuitous rehash of Tim J's excellent work....