Friday, May 26, 2006

A mistaken delivery

Oh my goodness.

In the manner of all good gushing - nay profoundly embarrassing - Oscar acceptance speeches, I would like to thank my producer, my director, my parents and all my readers without whom, of course, I would be nothing. To think of the outstanding quality of some of the other nominations, I am humbled to be here, holding the golden envelope, yadda yadda yadda

In fact, to be brutally honest, I do actually think this. As I made clear at the top of the post itself, all the hard work had already been done, by Scott Burgess and most especially by Tim J. Continuing in the vein of brutal honesty, to me, this article was simply an opportunity to invoke the war cry of Pedants-General of old:
and this was as good an excuse as I was likely to see for a while.

But to place me in the Fisking Hall of Fame, in the same batch of nominations as Scott's "Sassy" fisk - which actually claimed the scalp of the offending fiskee - and in place of the man who did the real historical legwork, is perhaps an injustice to the continuing good work of the Reptile.


dearieme said...

Goodness had nothing to do with it.


Deogolwulf said...

Congratulations indeed!

Indefatigathingummy said...

hurrah! top drawer fiskery it was and it deserves to be better known, maybe anthologised. Or played on a loop on a special BBC channel. Until that happy day, though, FC's imprimatur must suffice. (That's not to denigrate FC, btw)

Tim J said...

My dear chap!

Richly deserved it goes without saying.