Thursday, July 19, 2007

$ 2 million for three strokes?

This is really rather entertaining. OK, so the judge got the sentence wrong and so on, which isn't so much fun (think if he'd made the mistake between jail and the death sentence for example) but the last bit is indeed fun:

A Singapore judge has been punished for mistakenly sentencing a prisoner to an extra three strokes of the cane, the Singapore government said Tuesday.

As a result of the error, Dickson Tan -- who was found guilty of helping an illegal moneylender and also sentenced to nine months in prison -- was caned eight times instead of five, Singapore's Law Minister, S. Jayakumar, was quoted as saying on the Law Ministry Web site.


Tan's mother is in talks with the government to seek monetary compensation of up to S$3 million ($2 million) over the mistake, according to local media.

$2 million for three strokes? I'd take that deal.

Actually, thinking through my aquaintances, I could probably find one who would pay that much for the experience too.

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