Friday, July 20, 2007

New Celebrity Site

I know, we're all obsessed with celebrities: it's actually a very good thing to. All those peple with fame and wealth for not very much in the way of talent: we get to look at them, see the hangovers, problems and brushes with the laws.

To see the feet of clay of our idols, if you wish.

But it can be a problem trying to keep up with who is shtupping who, who is enjoying the hospitality of the County Jail and so on. But fret no longer for there is a new celebrity site, with all the news and celebrity pictures you could possibly want. It's worth having a look at Celebrity Gossip for they've added some great functionality: it isn't just somewhere to read about it all, it's an interactive site. As well as aggregating all of the news and views that you both need and want, you can vote on which is the best story, leave comments and in general become part of the community.

Well worth checking out.

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