Saturday, July 28, 2007

Trying it On

Yes, we know, when there's been negligence it's entirely right that those who have been negligent should compensate those who have lost out because of it.

Yes, we're also quite aware of how crazy the US tort system can be. But this has got to be over the top, hasn't it?

A dentist who specializes in "smile improvements" has sued utility Consolidated Edison for $25 million for not being able to use his office since last week's steam pipe explosion in Manhattan.

Self-described celebrity dentist Bruce Haber, 55, said he has had no access to his office since last Wednesday, when an 83-year-old underground steam pipe ruptured during the evening rush hour, sending a geyser of debris, vapor, asbestos and water hundreds of feet into the air.

$25 million for a week? Do even Manhattan dentists usually make that much?

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