Monday, July 02, 2007

New Education Opportunities

Have you thought about doing an online MBA program? I have recently and I've been hugely impressed with the way that the opportunities at places like Capella University have improved.

There's been three major changes in recent years. The first is in the delivery technology itself. Where once working online meant simply reading through documents, the provision of internet video has meant that lectures can be taped, even tutorials can now be arranged online.

The second is a cultural change: there's a great deal more acceptance of people who have online or remote education degrees now. So the results from these programs are better.

The final one is in financing. The system of Federal student loans now applies to online colleges: previously it only aplied to those who taught more than 50% of their students on campus.

So, three good reasons why you might want to click through and find out what Capella can do to further your education.

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