Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Looking for Web Hosting?

If you're looking for web hosting then I think you'll want to have a look over here and see what's on offer.

Host208 - Webhosting Services has a series of packages that seem to make very good sense: haqvin been looking around for the past few weeks I have to say, actually, that they look to be very good value indeed.

There's three main levels of the service: Business, which gives you 15000 MB of data storage, 300 GB of bandwidth, allows you to run three domains and comes with all of the usual PhP, MySQL and so on support. This at a very low $4.50 a month.

One step up is Corporate with 25000 MB, 400 GB and 30 domains at $8.50.

And then top of the line is Enterprise with 40000MB, 500 GB and unlimited domains at $12.50 a month.

Those are all extremely reasonably price packages and if, as I say, you're out there looking for a hosting solution it's well worth a look at what they can do for you.

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