Monday, July 27, 2009

The benefits of lead generation

It's a long time since I ran a company actually doing this but then lots of my life is a long time ago. But perhaps worth pointing out again the value of lead generating firms like Blueberry Telemarketing.

The thing about your salesforce is that you hired them because they were good at selling. You know, sitting in front of someone who probably does want your product, or something like it, and is really just waiting to be persuaded to sign on the dotted line.

What you don't want them doing is blindly running around the country trying to find out who might want the product, who might be interested, you want them spending their time purely and solely with qualified leads.

This is where telemarketing comes in. Their staff, the trained professionals on the phone, will first source a reasonable database for you to prospect upon. They'll then clean it, bring it up to date, get names, phone numbers and addresses correct. Then they move on to qualified lead generation: finding the decision makers within the target compaies, seeing if they are in the market at the moment, trying to check budgets and then, perhaps if worthwhile, making the appointment for your salesforce to make direct contact.

In this manner a good telemarketing firm can keep your salesforce where you've trained and are paying them to be: pitching your products to interested and possibly willing buyers full time. Using the right firm is well worth it.

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