Saturday, July 18, 2009

Britney Spears on tour

Britney Spears is on tour with her latest stage show: Circus. It's, umm, basically, her album, Circus, with a few more tunes thrown in.

As befits someone who is a dancer rather more than a singer, there's much choreography ad little actual singing. But then who was ever going to expect anything else from a Britney Spears show, eh?

The show started out in the US, has moved over to Europe in the early part of the summer and will be back in the US for the latter part of it. Then off to Oz.

Click through the links to see where the shows are: or if you're more like me, where you don't want to be on certain nights.


mymelodiesoflove said...

Actually, the Circus tour only has BRitney performing four tunes form her new album and six from her previous, so it's actually basically not about her new album.

James Higham said...

So, Tim, one to avoid then?