Monday, July 06, 2009

Shopping for clothes

OK, so we all know tha advantages of shopping for clothes on hte internet rather than at the mall. There's a hugely larger stock of different styles and colours available online. It's also true that prices can be a great deal beeter. And best of all, of course, we don't have to go to the mall.

However, there i a problem. How do we find those hundreds of thousands of different online stores, how do we track down what they have to offer? For that we want to use a comparison engine, rather than a search engine: the latter will help us find what we know is already there but the former is better at telling us of the options.

But comparison engines themselves can have problems. Normally they only contain whatever someone has paid to put into them: that's not exactly unbiased advice then. Which is why ShopWiki is so interesting. They are a combination of a coparison engine and a search one. They tell you about everything but also guide you to what you did know know was there.

Take a look at their clothing for women section, or their fall style guide. They also have a winter style guide and a spring guide as well, of course. It's a new and different way of guiding you to what is available on the web and is worth checking out.


liza said...

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Shopping Comparison said...

Clothes are always tricky but i feel you just need to know what to pick out. Shopping on the net is so much better and since the comparison has started.

James Higham said...

The idea is good but I'll pass over the women's clothing bit.

recycled products said...

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