Thursday, July 02, 2009

Keeping the passengers attention

So, we're all frequent fliers around here. We'v flown so often that we're asleep by the time they close the doors, let alone when they're doing the safety demonstration, right?

So, what can the airline do to keep our attention? What can they do to make sure that we do indeed learn how to get out of a crashed plane?

Strip off maybe?

Air New Zealand has hit on a novel way to make sure even the most jaded flyers keep their eyes glued on its flight safety briefing.

The national carrier's safety video for domestic services on its Boeing Co 737 planes show pilot and cabin crew dressed only in body paint.

The thing is, there was indeed a time when that might have worked. But I'm not sure's not so much that nudity is no longer unusual, it's that air hostetsses are not chosen for their hotness any more, are they?

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James Higham said...

I've just commented elsewhere that the false bonhomie and frozen smiles are enough to put anyone off.