Friday, July 24, 2009

Now that Cash for Clunkers is here....

Well, since the Federal Government is offering you up to $4,500 to get rid of your old car and purchase a new one, perhaps it's time to have a look around of what is actually available out there? And rather than racing around all the auto dealer lots, why not simply have a look from the comfort of your own den? That's right, have a look at this car comparison site.

What about the Kia Soul? Or perhaps the 2009 Honda Civic is more your thing? Now it does have to be said that not all cars are included in the cash for clunkers scheme: there's a limitation on price, MPG and even how American they are. So it's worth having a really proper look at all the cars that are available on the market.

Like the Lexus reviews, or the various versions of the Honda Civic. You never know, even without the discount you might find that there's something that's beter value: or better value to you at least, than some piece of Detroit clunkiness.

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