Monday, November 16, 2009

Cameron Diaz in The Box

The word on hte street is that Cameron Diaz's new film, The Box, is a right stinker. When people were asked to score it on a scale which normally goes from A to C they gave it an F.

There have only been two other movies in this decade which have received such an appalling score.

It doesn't look as if all that much was spent on the plotline either.

Cameron Diaz plays a cash poor mother who is offered a million dollars by a stranger if she will press the button on the box (see how they got the movie name? The Box, the box, geddit?). Then bad things start to happen around her like her son going deaf and blind.

Ho hum, this sotry has been around formillenia: it's Pandora's Box all over again. Back then the last thing out of the boxd was hope: which might not be what is in store for Cameron Diaz's film career if she keeps making stinkers like this one.

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