Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yes, I do want one

Pictured to the left there is something which I'm really rather keen on getting hold of. It's a fire pit table. It's a clever little design that gets around the problem we've got with the traditionally designed fire or fireplace. That problem being of course that as soon as you put something in front of you to place things on then you've just put something between you and the source of the heat: which really isn't the point at all. You want the heat to be flooding all over you rather than being reflected away from you and/or simply heating up the table.

So the point about fire pit tables is that you've got the fire and the table combined. As you can see there you can each sit at the table, with a book, glass of wine, cup of coffee, and yet you're still facing the fire and getting the benefit of the heat. Which is, as above, what we're really trying to achieve here, staying warm and also being able to have somewhere to put things. The perceptive might also note that this is a boon for slow eaters: it'll help keep your food warm!

Now the reason I want one of these is because while we do indeed live in sunny climes we also live near an ocean. And some will know what that entails. While it's warm in the day and of course much of social life is conducted outside in gardens, come the fall of night it becomes quite chilly rather quickly. So something like a fire pit table is an excellent addition to the set of garden furniture: it extends by several hours the period of the day when one can entertain without finding ones teeth chattering and knees knocking. So another one for the purchase list.

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