Saturday, November 14, 2009

Larry King baffles Carrie Prejean

This really is the story that keeps on giving, isn't it? Carrie Prejean and her efforts to, umm, well, be more than simply a Valley airhead?

OK, so there was the breat augmentation which she didn't pay for, then the Perez Hilton thing about gay marriage, then the entirely hilarious attempt to portray herself as a good little Christian conservative which fell over after the sex tape was released. And now this:

In the end both sides backed down and settled. But it was the detail of this agreement that prompted Ms Prejean’s latest implosion, this time on Larry King’s show. Asked to explain why she dropped her claim she repeatedly insisted that the question was “inappropriate”. When King pushed harder Ms Prejean attempted to storm out — but couldn’t work out how to disconnect her microphone. Instead, she sat at the interview desk without her earpiece, mouthing questions to an off-set handler as a baffled King tried to continue the interview.

I guess all she needs now is either to shoot a Moose or get a UI and she'd be about ready for prime time politics, don't you think?

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