Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Heene's plead guilty in balloon boy case

OK, so it has to be said that this balloon boy case added to the gaiety and joy of the nation but it now seems to have come to an end.

The parents seem to have admitted that the whole thing was indeed a hoax and that they knew all along that the boy wasnt' in the balloon:

Richard Heene, the father accused of pulling a spectacular hoax by reporting his son, Falcon, was aboard a runaway balloon has pleaded guilty to a felony charge of attempting to influence a public servant.

Richard and Mayumi Heene appeared in a Colorado court on Friday. Mr Heene, 48, entered a guilty plea and his wife, Mayumi -a 45-year-old Japanese national who could have been deported if convicted of more serious charges - admitted a misdemeanor offense of false reporting to authorities.

Purely as a personal thing I hate it when pressure like that over immigration status is put on people in order to get them to plead: but there is a reason for the system.

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