Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Finishing off the house

As regular readers will know we're in the process of finishing off this new (to us) house down here and are now engaged in the final process of finishing off. You know the sort of thing, making sure the gates are properly painted, has the plumber left his number in case there's something wrong, getting the mailbox put up. Once we've finished all of that we can put it back on the market, sell and then start all over again!

But of course that process, especially where we are, takes months to actually manage. So there's still some debate between my wife and I as to whether we should have something like that farm bell, or dinner bell, above or not.

Sadly for both our states of mind we're both in two minds about it: both on both sides of the question according to what we've thought of last. Think of it this way as the background.

On the plus side, we're in a rural area, so it isn't like we're going to be waking up the neighbourhood when we use it. We've a load of dogs and cats that would learn that the clanging meant dinner time so they would come in from the fields. Heck, my office is some way from the house and I could be trained to do the same. That's the positive side of having a farm bell.

On the negative side, well, the animals all come in for meal times anyway: often before them and remind us in fact. My office isn't that far away: I can usually tell not just when dinner is cooking but what is cooking for dinner just by smell. So do we actually need a dinner bell?

Hmm, put that way the choice is really pretty simple, isn't it? There's no really good positive reason to have one other than it would be nice and there's no negative reason not to have one other than, well, we don't really need it but it still would be nice.

So that'll be we get one then, yes?

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