Thursday, March 19, 2009

Finding trophies

It's always been one of those little things I vaguely wondered about: where do you get trophies from? No, not trophy wives but sproting tophies, those cups and statues and awards that we all fight so hard to get?

And now I've found out, there's a company that makes them. They make all sorts of things actually. Graduation awards, softball trophies, soccer trophies, you name it they make them.

So if those are the things that you want now you know where to get them. Although, hmmm, I have to admit, a naughty little thought has crossed my mind. If you wanted to give the impression that you were a better sportsman than you actually are, or were from a different place than you actually were, couldn't you just buy a handful of these and sprinkle them around the office?

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