Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Restaurants and chairs

As someone who has actually owned a restaurant and as someone who has worked in them over the years I think I can answer this question pretty well. The question being, what sort of restaurant chairs would you prefer?

Now, I agree, that if you open a new restaurant then what the place looks like is very important. It's what will encourage people to try the place for the first time. But then again, if the restaurant chairs are uncomfortable, then you'll lose some of those painfully acquired customers.

But that isn't, from my point of view, the important thing about such chairs. As I say, I've worked in the industry, owned in the industry, so what the pretty pictures look like isn't the important point.

What is important is how do those chairs stack? No, really, the staff (or you when you start out) are going to spend a good amount of their time picking up these chairs, stacking them, so that the cleaner can get in underneath in order to make sure that your place is clean.

So when you think about the design of chairs that you might buy, remember the most important thing, the labor you'll also be using over the years to move them around.

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