Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Increasing your sales

Increasing your sales...no, really, this is the thing that every businessman wants to do. We all know what our fixed costs bases are, we all know what our over heads are. So, given these and our productions costs, which are also fixed.....

Ah, let me explain for a moment. Whenever you are in business there are certain costs just about being in business. These are what we call overheads. Fixed costs. Then there are costs about producing whatever it is that we are producing. If we're making potato chips, then potatoes. If cars, then steel, or axles.

So, what we want is the maximum of sales, to cover those overheads, while still making the profit on the marginal costs. There's a whole science about this, the economics of business. And there's also a way out for many businesses.

Increase sales, by using sales prospecting. Don't be constrained by the limitations of your sales force, use the ability of a flexible sales force to work for you. Just as you would use a flexible production force, use the sales one that way.

Hey, why not? Profit is profit, after all!

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