Thursday, March 19, 2009

Smelling in the wind

I do think this is a funny little story. And of course it's been one that headline writers around the world have had fun with too.

Bob Dylan has sung about wind many times -- winds of change, the "Idiot Wind," and the winds that hit heavy on the borderline.

But some of his California neighbors Tuesday were singing a new tune about what is blowin' in the wind from his Malibu toilet.

A family living near the 67-year-old folk and rock icon's house in the posh California beachside community of Malibu have complained to city officials about an outdoor portable toilet, which is apparently used by guards on Dylan's compound.

Cindy and David Emminger say the toilet wafts fumes from waste treatment chemicals, and that the smell carried by breezes from the Pacific Ocean makes their family feel ill.

Yes, yes, very funny, isn't it? One of his most famous songs was "Blowin' in hte Wind" and of course there's this small that's blowin' in the wind from his compound....oh, OK, maybe it's not all that funny then.


Alhtough I have to admit I can think of a couple of solutions here. One is that he lets his guards use the loo in hte house, the one attatched to the sewage system. The other would be that he encourage them to change their diets.

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