Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Russian Brides

OK, so everyone (OK, all single men are) is interested in the secrets of Russian Dating , yes?

As someone who lived there for more years than I care to remember perhaps I can give you some pointers?

Actually, to be honest, it's rather easier for me to point you to this site about Russian Women . I think they've got it pretty much right. There is a very different attitude to life and marriage over there.

One scene in a movie that describes it all rather well. It's Sean Connery and Michelle Pfeiffer in, umm, The Russia House I think. They're in her apartment and they've just had dinner. He helps her with the plates and tries to start doing the dishes. She asks "Why would you take my privileges?".

This is, as you might note, a vastly different division of the labour of the household than we're used to in other countries. There is still very much a division into what is rightfully men's work and what is rightfully women's.

Heck, I remember a date there when I cooked dinner for a couple of girls in the papartment. They refused to believe that a man would have cooked dinner (no, it wasn't very good, it was it being done at all that surprised them).

No,Russian Brides are not a walk over, it's not a mail order operation, much travel and time must be spent in capturing their heart, just as with any other woman. But the end result, as the site (go on, click through to see) points out can be a very different style of relationship.


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