Friday, August 15, 2008

Dining Tables

Yes, we've got more furniture blogging as I continue to scour the net for the items with which to furnish our newly reconstructed house. Today it's dining room tables and I'm happy to say that I've found an excellent supplier.

The problem we've got with the locally supplied dining room tables is that people around here tend to be a great deal shorter than we are. Thus almost anything locally made or supplied leads to us banging our knees. Yes, I'm aware that this happens at those huge family lunches, where three or four generations try to assemble around one or more inadequate dining room tables, but I'd rather like that sort of thing to stay there, as an occasional rather than normal experience.

So thus the search and thus the joy at finding someone who seems to do a great line in dining room tables suitable for the taller adult. If your local supplpiers also seem to specialise in tables for the height challenged then I suggest you have a look too: just click through any of those links.

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