Friday, August 29, 2008

Chalfont Pennsylvania

Are you round and about Chalfont Pennsylvania? You are? Excellent, might you also be looking for a hair salon Chalfont? You are?

Even better. Why not click through that link there to check out Tony D's place? Not just a full service place, it's a total body concept place.

Not just a hair salon color chalfont sort of place, they also do massages, waxes and of course, the full set of wash, cut, dry and colorings. The prices look pretty good too.

Hey to get you to try them out they'll even offer $10 off any service if you're a new customer.

It's the full service salon Chalfont desires, don't you think?

Worth clicking through to see their prices and the full set of services. It's also a pretty good website actually, recommended as a good example of a small business site.

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