Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cupid's arrow hits Olympic archers

You know, that's the sort of headline that sub editors spend their entire working lives looking forward to. A bad pun and the opportunity to use it.

South Korea's top male and female archers capped gold medal performances at the Beijing Olympics by announcing wedding plans just as the games ended, an archery official said on Tuesday.

Park Sung-hyun, 25, who led the women's team to a gold medal and won an individual silver in Beijing, is to marry Park Kyung-mo, 33, who had similar success at the Games.

"The exact date hasn't been decided yet but, yes, they are dating each other and planning to get married," said an official from the Korea Archery Association.

The two, known for their cool composure in competition, struck up a relationship while training for the Olympics.

They surprised team mates and coaches by announcing at a Beijing restaurant that they were engaged, local media reported people close to the two archers as saying.

For those of you who don't know the intricacies of the news business there's two entirely different groups of people out there who bring it to you. The reporters, who investigate and write the actual stories. And the sub editors: they're the ones who lay them out, check them, edit them and yes, they also write the headlines. The two rarely meet and certainly hold each other in contempt...but the subs live for the day when they can get such crashingly awful puns into hte headlines.

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