Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Generators R Us

Where we are we've got a very nervous electricty supply system. It seems to vary hugely, from brownout to over bearingly bright. It also fails consistently. So I've been looking into the possibility (nay, necessity!) of getting us a generator. It simply doesn't work trying to make a living on hte internets without reliable electricity supplies.

This one, a kubota diesel generator might be a little over the top for my needs but that site looks like an excellent guide to what I do in fact need. I've even got a buddy who can pack it up and ship it to me...although from what I can see the distributor will do that too.

What I need to work out first is what size of diesel generator I need. Not all that big I would guess, I'm only looking to run one household off of it. With a 10 minute UPS system and battery on hte computer, then run the incoming power line through a trip switch to start the generator if power is cut....that's the way it is done isn't it?

So, what I need to do now is run through the site and see which of the various diesel generators

will meet that spec.

Fortunately the site is well laid out and really simple so that even I can understand it. Right, excuse me, I'm off, got work to do on getting this place properly sorted out.

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