Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Understanding Dementia

The great plague of our times if the series of demetias and senilities that affect many people as they grow older. Some researchers think that 30 or 40 % of those over 80 show some signs of one or other of them, like Alzheimer's. Over 90 the numbers become even higher. Tehre are also those cases like Terry Pratchett, who has early onset dementia and who is unlikey to be recognisably himself past his 65th birthday.

These sorts of numbers make it all the more imperative that we start understanding dementia. In a scientific manner, of course, so that new and better treatments can be esigned, but also in a societal manner.

For example, it's vital that we understand dementia symptoms: these problems don't just come out of the blue, they take time to develop. And many of the dementia treatments do not reverse the symptoms: but they do stop them advancing. So early diagnosis is vital.

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