Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Modern Furniture

As regular readers will know we're sorting out this new to us house down here and we've got to the stage that we need to furnish it. Now it's an old house that we've entirely gutted and redone: so we're not restricted in our choice of furniture for it.

Rather, we can make a choice between modern furniture and old style: something which means we have some thinking to do. For again, while it's on old house the rebuild means that it's now got really clean lines to it, so modern furniture wouldn't look out of place at all. Indeed, the entirely redone walls and floors probably mean that it would look very good indeed.

Anyway, in trying to work out what to do I've found this excellent purveyor of modern furniture: I'm definitely leaning to this rather than old. The only problem is that with this selection (and these prices!) I'm left wondering which piece rather than which style.

Ho hum.

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