Thursday, October 04, 2007

Borrow Your Condoms

Not really what you'd think of as normal proactice, it has to b said. Condoms are normally though of as use once and throw away items rather than things that are passed around. However, on Thai bank has a different idea:

A Thai bank is pitching into the battle against HIV/AIDS and handing out condoms to customers too shy to get them at the shop.

Despite Bangkok's reputation as one of the world's sex industry centers, Thailand is a generally conservative country.

Kasikorn Bank launched the "Condoms for Confidence" campaign at 600 branches nationwide and said it would start giving out the sheaths, branded K-Condom and K-Excellence, later this month.

So it's not quite that you're borrowing a condom, it's that when you borrow money you get some. Seems suitable that it's with car loans too as the car is indeed where so much of the sex goies on.

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