Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hiring a Contractor

As regular readers will know we're dealing with this new (to us) house and we've been having the builders in to do various things. One thing that we do wish we had had available is this service for General Contractors but unfortunately it currently only focuses on the Atlanta and Chicago markets. But what is it and why would I like it?

Well, we all know how most people end up hiring people to do building work, home remodelling andthe like? We ask around and see if anyone has used someone who was good, came in on time, under budget and so on. We use personal recommendations in short. But that's not the most efficient way of doing it and that's what these guys do for the market for General Contractors . They provide an efficient marketplace.

To start with they screen all of the local contractors. Only those that pass their stringent standards get to be on the database of the approved. So you've got one level of protection there. Then, via their site, they'll organise three free estimates for you from their pre-approved home improvement and home remodelling contractors. That's right, three of the people we already know are good enough to get into their system.

When you get the three quotes you can then decide which of them that you want to take. And then, of course, you know that you're getting your work done by people who have passed the tests to get into the system and you also know that you've seen three competitive quotes.

An excellent system all around and I just hope that they keep expanding their network. I'd like them to be in our area pretty soon, as we've still got the other side of the house to complete....

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