Tuesday, October 16, 2007

That Winter Vacation

OK, so it's October, the nights are drawing in. We'vegot the time change in a few weks which'll make it all go dark that much earlier in hte day. So, what does this mean other than a restriction on our ability to sip a beer on the back stoop in the fading sunlight?

Yes, that's right, it means the skiing vacation is nearly upon us! At which point we need to get the old skis out and see if they'll manage another year or not. Having looked, mine won't, so I'm off for a new set of rossignol skis . Normally, I wouldn't go quite so far upmarket but Christysports.com makes them affordable with their great prices. They also carry the full range of rossignol skis at those prices and the site is easy to navigate and clear in its instructions.

If you're also upgrading for this coming season, click through to see what they can offer.

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