Thursday, October 04, 2007

Saving with Coupons

With the holiday season approaching I need to get things sorted: who is going to get what as a present for which holiday this year. Being the skinflint that I am (read, sensible person husbanding resources) the one thing I don't want to have to do is pay full price for anything. What I do want is to get the maximum that I can for my money so that the present is the best that I can indeed get for what I can spend.

Which brings us to coupons and . While I know where to save money in a bricks and mortar store (by clipping coupons out of the paper) where can I find the same sort of savings online? Well, at obviously.

For example, look here at Dell coupons. At the moment there's a $350 off certain Inspiron desktops. Well, the wife does indeed want a new computer so that's one decent saving made. In fact, enough of a saving that I can also get herthe other things she wants which is a new handbag (I know, terribly romantic with gifts we are in this household). And have a look here at Zappo online discounts. I can get free shipping on that handbag, saving yet more money.

În fact, that's enough savings for me to be able to get the pets (two dogs and nine cats) something using the Petco coupons. Hey, who knew saving money was so easy?

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