Friday, May 08, 2009

Catching a falling knife

Markets go up and markets go down. The really difficult thing is to spot when they're just turning which is why trying to call the bottom of a market is known as "trying to catch a falling knife". Get it right and you're fine. Get it wrong and you've a bloody mess.

But there's increasing evidence that the housing market is settling down now, it this new, lower price level. The sign of this is that while prices have indeed fallen, the number of transactions is rising. Peopple are coming back into the market.

All of which means that you should be looking for someone to help you come back into hte market yourself, like this Dallas Realtors. You want someone who knows their own local market, who can take you through the oddities and pleasures of a specific area. In this specific case you've got the opportunity to use a good team there. A father /daughter team will be able to give you a view from two generations and both sides of the gender divide.

Well worth checking out if you're going to take the plunge in Dallas. And if you're in another city, well, this still might be the time to get back into the market.

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