Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Deciding upon a web host

We all know that to get anything done these days you need to have a website. It might be a business, a charity appeal, simply a blog, but you do need to get on the internet to be able to get your message out.

This then leads to a second problem. Who should we use to provide us with our web hosting? For there are many different things which we might look for. It might be that we're interested in the cheapest possible deal. Or maybe we need lots of free tools. Or perhaps it's uptime that is most important for a large scale e commerce site.

Fortunately there's a site that can help us in this matter. One that can tell us who provides what and at what price. Then they guide us to who would be making the best offer for the things that we actually want, what's the best deal for us.

For example, you can look through their pick of best blog hosting here or best e commerce hosting here. If you're looking for a window onto the web you should be looking through their recommendations.

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