Friday, May 01, 2009

Hiring a stripper

Not all that excited about your high school reunion? Not sure you want to go back and see all those people you spent years trying to escape? Why not do this?

Hire a stripper to be you at your high school reunion?

In 1995, Wachner graduated from Palos Verdes Peninsula High School in an upscale Los Angeles-area neighborhood and never looked back. She left for New York City, where she attended New York University, graduating in 2000.

When she received the invitation to attend her 10-year reunion, she said she would not have dreamed of going because she hated her years at the school, where BMW and Mercedes-Benz cars were prized possessions.


She claims that at school, fellow students' drinking alcohol was a problem and eating disorders were common. She said academic competition was tight and the overall environment was "a pressure cooker."

Wachner didn't want to go back to all that, but she did want to see how people would react if the self-described "drama geek" showed up a changed woman -- a stripper, no less.

So, she hired Amy Bernadette "Cricket" Russell, whom she met at a Los Angeles strip club, to impersonate her. Cricket showed up in a slinky dress, fishnet hose and spike heels.

Yes, of course there is all of the usual talk about making a movie out of the story but think of it another way around. As a female geeky student.....

The high school quarterback who wouldn't give you the time of day when he was bonking all the cheerleaders. One of whom he has inevitably married, and who is now a porkish little turn up in front of him as the exotic stripper.

Priceless, eh?

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