Saturday, May 09, 2009

Failing Auto AC

I've never been all that much of a fan of AC in an auto to be honest. I think it's because when I've lived in a climate where you might need it I've always been driving old clunkers. Which, notoriously, tend not to have very good AC systems. I've had systems fail when I'm all dressed up to go to a meeting, I've had one fail when I was stuck in the middle of traffic at 100 oF. I've pretty much got to the point where I think I'd rather not have the AC so it can't fail on me.

Well, that's the way I used to hink until I founds these guys. Sure, they do diesel parts as well, but they've got just about everything that any AC system could possibly need. So it's not that bad keeping the auto system in good shape any more.

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