Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A house isn't furnished without art on the walls

Regular readers will know that we've been working on restoring a house for some time now. One side is done and the builders crack on with stage two starting, umm, yesterday morning actually.

All of which means that it's near time to start furnishing the place properly. There's no point in doing until they are finished, but once they are we're not going to hang around in turning a house into a home. And there's an old saying, that a home isn't properly furnished without art on hte walls.

So I've been looking around trying to find a good source of the sort of wall art that we want. And I think I've found it, click through any of the links to see what I mean. I'm more of a fan of modern art than I am of abstract art but my wife is the other way around so it might be that we'll each get to choose for different rooms.

I do like this, "Wide Eyed Wonder" which I think would go very well over the new wood fired fireplace that is just going in. I'm going to haver to let the wife have a look around to see what she likes as well I think. Fortunately it's all so well priced that we don't have to agree on the same piece, we can each get what we like the most.

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