Tuesday, October 06, 2009

About that Demi Moore bush pic

I've never really been able to understand the interest that keeps being shown in that Demi Moore bush pic.

OK, yes, she's a beautiful young woman, in hte prime of life, not wearing many clothes, this is very often of interest. But that's not what gets people searching for it again and again. (You can see the pic here.)

It's that she hasn't shaved her crotch: but why is that of such excessive interest? The picture was taken back in the 1980s, a time when women, by and large, simply didn't shave or wax there.

What is interesting is how the social standard has changed since then:

That's the change in the social mores: but that interesting question is why? What on earth has happened to make adult women decide that they should look like pre-pubescents? Hair there is, like hair on the chest of a man, a secondary sexual characteristic indicating sexual maturity. Why or how could there have become a social standard that one should not show that one is indeed mature?

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