Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Getting a loan

OK, so we all know that at times we need to get a loan. And sometimes we really, really, need to get a loan. When what we've got to hand simply won't cover things until the next payday. Which is why we might want to get a payday loan, or another type of very fast extension of credit. So why not check out: Get a Payday Advance - Payday Advances at Money Now! USA ?

The huge advantage of this site is that they're a comparison engine for the various different possible lenders. So instead of having to go around many different sites, or visiting offices or calling around you can simply check out the offers from 122 different lenders all in one place.

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Anonymous said...

There is an effort afoot over her in the USA to discourage this sort of thing, but there are times when I think a payday loan is actually cheaper than some of the more "respectable" forms of very short term credit that more sophisticated people use -- such as out of network cash machines for their own money (for goodness sake...)
Nevertheless, not wanting to trust personal information to just anyone, I did some searching about this company, found on very bad review, one press release from a few years ago, and gazillions of hits for their own websites and marketing. So they haven't much farther to go to bury anything bad about themselves.
If the press release can be believed, they share a telephone number with a marketing form and a company that does "targeted marketing by email".

Lovely people I'm sure.