Friday, October 02, 2009

Robert Halderman

Uh Oh, looks like Robert Halderman has got himself into a whole heap of trouble over here.

It's in relation to that David Letterman extortion case: he's been fingered and lifted for attempting to blackmail $2 million out of Letterman.

Doesn't matter that his allegations were actually true: he's still under arrest for demanding money not to repeat them.

Robert Halderman has been taken into custody over the David Letterman extortion case.

Robert J Halderman, commonly known as Joe Halderman, has been taken into custody over the extraordinary scenes that attended the attempt to blackmail David Letterman.


Chris Brown said...

Its sick when people do these type of things I hope that everything works out for him and his wife.

constant gina said...

How are you going to walk into a bank and expect to cash a 2 million dollar check?? bad move, idiot deserved to get caught.