Friday, October 16, 2009

Matthias Schlitte

Wow, this is pretty weird. There's a professional arm wrestler out there called Matthias Schlitte. OK, I didn't even know there was such a thing as professional arm wrestling. But what's really weird is that he's got a huge right arm and and entirely normal left one. It's almost the opposite of say, Ian Dury, who of course had a withered left arm as a result of polio.

You can see links to photos and a video of a professional fight here.

But it's just weird, weird man.

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Glowworm said...

It lets him compete at a lower weight class than he would be in if he trained in a more "balanced" way. I've seen gymnasts with big shoulders and upper body and very normal-looking legs; they are doing something similar in that they are maximizing the strength they need for their event while trying to avoid adding body weight that won't help them in their event. It's just more obvious with this guy since it's not even symmetrical.

Or maybe he just masturbates a lot.