Friday, October 16, 2009

Getting the house finished and furnished

As regular readers will know we're in the process of getting this house (actually, it's morphed into two houses now) rebuilt, sorted out and restyled. Fortunately we're near the end of this process: workmen will be out in a week or two and then it's time to start dealing with how we furnish the place.

All of which of course has me looking online to see how we can best do that. For of course, an online store can have a hugely larger stock than chain of stores: rather than having stock that people want to look at, online the stock can be virtual. And of course you don't need to have that stock in every store. This then feeds back into much better prices for furniture bought online.

And that of course is what we find: great stocks and very good prices when we go looking for the necessary young adult furniture. And, yes, we find the same thing with the needed kids furniture and as they want bunk beds we can even find those too.

This is so much better than tramping through bricks and mortar stores. We have a better selection and better prices and I can have a beer while I'm looking (but shhhh! don't tell the wife that).

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