Thursday, October 01, 2009

Accessing speedy cash

There are times when all of us feel the financial strain and that's what borrowing is all about. Being able to bring income forward from the future to now, so that we can keep going in order to make that income in the future. Such borrowing comes in many possible forms: from a loan from the bank, through a credit card balance to perhaps a payday loan.

The value of that last, a payday loan, is that it provides speedy cash, and there are times when we really do need cash in a hurry.

For example, I've had the need to pay a utility bill I wasn't expecting and I've needed to pay it fast. The mail wasn't being delivered right and so the one bill I did get was the final disconnection notice. Yes, they wanted cash and they wanted it by tomorrow: the bank account was empty (I wasn't budgeting for it) so what could I do? That's right, a payday loan was the solution: whatever I was paying to the loan company was going to be less than the reconnection fee (and damage to my credit report) and the electricity would stay on.

Payday loans aren't for everyone all of the time: but they're a very useful addition to the arsenal of options at our disposal.

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