Friday, December 15, 2006


So, you're a bartender in a rich and luxurious place like Palm Beach and you're struggling to stand out from the crowd. Of course, you don't have the money to get yourself the Ferrari or the yacht (neither of which would really make you stand out in such a place) so what do you do?

Peter Belisi found a fascinating method, to specialise in wearing exotic ties. They're simply, make a statement about yourself and with a little application and a certain amount of taste one can make quite a name for yourself by differentiating in such a manner.´

In fact, it got so that Belisi was being looked to as a trendsetter himself, with co-workers and so on looking to him for advice on what they themselves should wear. He even prided himself on never wearing the same tie twice.

Such was his reputation in fact that he's been able to turn it into a business. You can have a look at it at, where you can read the whole story and also see his ties, and the more recent scarves and handbags.


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