Friday, December 15, 2006

Climate Change: Not All Bad

Interesting news today that climate change might not actually be bad news for everyone.

Climate change could be disastrous for some animals, but male gray seals are probably not complaining -- it has improved their sex lives.

Weaker males would not normally have a chance with the females, who usually go for the more dominant types.

But lower rainfall levels have forced female seals on the remote Scottish island of North Rona to travel further from their partners to find fresh water, giving the weaker males more opportunity to mate with them.

"The increased movement amongst the females allows the weaker males to mate," said Dr. Sean Twiss of the University of Durham in England.

OK, OK, trivial example, but e should remember that while there are indeed bad effects rom climate change there are also good ones. It's the balance that matters, not just one or the other.


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