Monday, December 18, 2006

Web Hosting

One of the obvious problems we all have with this wondrous internetwebthing is trying to work out where we should host our efforts. As you can see, this is a Typepad blog, which is fine for small sites like this, where traffic isn't all that high and as very few images are used, bandwidth really isn't all that much of a consideration.

If you just want to do a simple blog then Wordpress or Blogger are fine (although they can be a little tedious to use as well).

However, if you're going to try and do something more ambitious then you need to pay a great deal more attention to who is actually going to be doing the web hosts for you. There are a number of considerations and price really isn't the most important of them.

Certainly, price is important, but you also want to pay attention to things like uptime, reliability, even whether the host is on someone's hit list and therefore likely to get in the way of a DOS attack.
As ever with such things it's not possible for any of us to be an expert on day one: we need to look to experts who have already done the research. And here to help us is a listing of the top web hosts companies for us.

Even better is the fact that the same nice people sharing their hard earned knowledge with us also have some coupons available for money off the top company in web hosts. Isn't that great? You get to pick an expert's brains, find out which is the best company for you to use for your project and also save some money in the process.

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