Friday, December 15, 2006

Solving Obesity

know, I think we may actually have found the solution to the obesity crisis? As we know, it's been blamed on the fact that people are simply sitting and playing with video games rather than getting off their lard arses and taking some exercise.

Video gamers relish violence on the screen but now players are becoming victims themselves -- of the latest gaming technology in which a wireless, wand-like device is used to direct on-screen action.

Using Nintendo's Wii, the most talked about of three new game consoles out this holiday, players of seemingly harmless games such as bowling and tennis are being left battered and bruised by the controller, not to mention damaging television screens and nearby ceiling fans and computers.

Nintendo has cautioned players on using a wrist strap with the controller and keeping their palms dry but Jim Walsh's blog ( is dedicated to sharing some of the amusing -- and embarrassing -- stories of what he calls "the latest trend in gaming violence."

If people are playing these games hard enough to do themselves an injury then they must be burning off a few calories as well, right?

Of course, we do seem to be replacing the obesity crisis with a nation of cripples, but at least one problem's solved, eh?


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